MD Series

18623615_10155067167700041_8441683558838245874_oThe MD Series is a series of posts I’m going to be working on over the next few months that follows my progress with my Masters Dissertation. I hope to take you all through the ups and downs of the project. Show you everything I’ve learnt to do and things definitely not to do!

This dissertation is a bit different from my undergraduate dissertation that focused on Augmented Reality mobile applications. This time, I am building two soundscapes based on the Wilberforce Memorial School for the Blind that was based at King’s Manor from 1833-1956. So, I’m still quite happily dabbling in Augmented Reality but through a very different angle.

Join me on my journey to try and bring the past back to life through the medium of sound.

If you’ve got fifteen minutes why not check out the video below that explains the project in a condensed form:


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