Bordesley Abbey application

DSC01471So, funny story time. For one of my masters modules I had to propose an interactive museum application for a museum of my choice. I chose Bordesley Abbey, arguably the most historically significant place in my hometown of Redditch.

I designed it so people could download an application and go round the abbey scanning the builders marks to learn more. It would have interactive games and it would be a lot of fun. Little did I know when I was theoretically pitching my application in my masters module, AP Interactive had already made the app and launched it just after I handed in my pitch. It was kind of spooky to be honest!

Check out this short film to see how it works:

This is a brilliant example of how Augmented Reality technology can be used to engage those who would not necessarily be interested in the ruins. I feel it is a shame that it does seem from all of the media associated with the project to simply engage with young families. I really think that an application aimed at teenagers to adults would be very interesting to create to compliment this already fantastic application. Allow everyone to engage with this site.

Bordesley Abbey is specifically important to Redditch. It is home to the oldest part of the heritage in town. The majority of the houses come from either the Victorian period or were built in the new town development of the 1960s/1970s. It is also the most easily accessible heritage/museum site for Redditch residents. Therefore, it is important to make Bordesley Abbey accessible and welcoming to as many members of the local community as possible.

If you want to find out more about the application, check out THIS PAGE. What are people’s thoughts on having more Augmented Reality applications at heritage sites?


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