The Battle of Bannockburn Experience

The Battle of Bannockburn Experience is a fully Augmented Reality experience created by Bright White Limited for the National Trust.



The problem faced by the National Trust was how do you make a battle come to life when the site, before the experience was added, was essentially a flat field. How do you make the experience tangible? This is where the Battle of Bannockburn Experience was born.

Sure, you have to give up some of your well earned dignity by wandering round i fetching 3D glasses (like the ones you use at the cinema essentially). But it is worth it! To give you an idea of the work that went in to creating some of the huge 3D battle scenes that you see before you experience your battle, check out the video below:

After watching the battle on massive screens you are given a chance to interact with ‘people’ from the Scottish and English sides to find out as much information as possible to aid you in the battle.

You are then taken into the battle room. As the BATTLE GUY said, this is your chance to change history. Goodness knows we did when we played. People lived beyond ‘lunchtime’ and in our experience the Scottish lost! That definitely didn’t happen in the actual battle! But, after a side has ‘won’ then you are shown how your battle compared to the actual battle. It’s fascinating and really makes you engaged in history.

Should every museum do this? No, I don’t think so. But it does show the possibilities that technology can offer to bring sites to life.

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