AR Museum exhibits

So far, the projects discussed on the blog have revolved around the idea of utilising mobile technology (e.g. mobile phones or tablets etc.). This new company however, ColliderCase, are looking at new ways to present information in a museum environment.

The video below, although it has no sound, shows how Augmented Reality technology can enhance museum exhibits. I’ll give you a second to check it out:

As you can see from the video, not only does the exhibit provide text as a ‘traditional’ exhibition does, it also provides visual information. I would argue that by using both visual and text information that the exhibit is more likely to be remembered by the visitor. Also, it could make the exhibit more accessible. For example, small children unable to read the text would be able to view the colour change of the tapestry and therefore give their parents the opportunity to explain what is happening.

This technology is very exciting and it can only lead to further benefit in the future.

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