Samsung Galaxy VR

Now, I’ve talked briefly about the Samsung Gear VR before in a previous post (‘Not strictly AR gear’). But, I sumbled across this video which I think gives a better perspective of how this type of technology does function in the real world.

The video shows how the Samsung Gear VR could be used in everyday situations and highlights some interesting points such as the vulnerability that it puts the user in. I mean, if I was playing with this on a train platform I think I would be scared of having my bag snatched or just missing the train because I wasn’t aware of it arriving. It would be like reading a book but way more extreme.

For a second though, I want to talk about the other possible applications for this kind of technology. At the moment, this technology is firmly being used in a VR capacity. It is designed to be fully immersive. However, as it is using a Samsung Galaxy S7 which contains a built in camera, why can’t this technology be used in AR? Arguably it would solve quite a few of the issues that were highlighted in the video such as the problems of isolation and not being aware of your surroundings.

Probably this is something that the tech guys at Samsung have seen as the best use of the technology, however, it is interesting to contemplate how this technology could be altered and enhanced for an Augmented Reality application.

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