Not strictly AR gear

This isn’t strictly AR but it is very closely linked in the VR (Virtual Reality) community. This is the year that Virtual Reality headgear is going to be available in peoples homes (if you have about £500 spare…but, you get the point). It is no longer an abstract concept that you just see in The Sims but something that, very soon, you could own and experience in your own house.

So lets check out what’s new to the market:

Oculus Rift

First off we have Oculus Rift. On sale for $599 dollars (or £499 to some of us…), it offers bundled games and an Xbox controller. The catch? Well, the specially designed controller to match the headset isn’t going to be released until later in the year and they haven’t said how much it will be……

Above is a bit of a light-hearted look at Oculus Rift, but it helps to give a sense of what this technology is capable of (without watching a 30 min in depth tech review).

HTC Vive

The other main headset at the moment is the HTC Vive. This headset is more practical to AR as it has a camera that allows wearers to view physical objects in the room around them (in their words, to stop people falling over!).

This video is produced by HTC so you have to take the presentation with a pinch of salt. But again, it shows you what this could do. How it could be more than just a gaming unit but something that is used to help teach in real world situations.

Samsung Gear VR

Looking for a more affordable option? Why not check out the Samsung Gear Vr? Still powered by Oculus it uses your Samsung phone as the main screen for the experience.

You can’t tell me you’re still not tempted. I know that this kind of technology really is an exciting future for not only he heritage sector but just normal life as well. Though I still stand by the thing of all the time = too much of a good thing!

Although these headsets are currently designed purely for VR, it shows how fast this kind of technology is progressing. This can only mean good things for the future of AR too.

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