Streetmuseum app London

Screenshot from the Streetmuseum app. Copyright The Telegraph

Another app from London (why does London get all the good apps? It’s not like it’s the capital or anything!).

Streetmuseum was created by the Museum of London. As the video below explains, the aim of the app was to promote the Museum of London’s new modern galleries. Created in 2010, it is getting on a bit in app terms, but the relatively simple idea is timeless. It takes images from its vast archive of London and augments them, through the use of smartphones and tablets, onto the modern landscape (an example of which can be seen in the image above).

As I’m not in a position to test the app, I will hand over to this lovely video to explain how it works:

If you want a more detailed description, check out this review here.

This app I think perfectly highlights how augmented reality apps have the potential to enhance how heritage is presented. Without this app the images used would have only been accessible to those with reason to view the physical archive. The app makes the images not only accessible, but also relevant to all.

Once again, if you are in London I encourage you to download this app and give it a go. Let me know how you got on with it in the comments below!


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