British Museum Audio Guide

Time to fangirl for a second. The British Museum have just released a new Audio guide. Click here to take a read of the description of how the audio guide works.

It is a guide that promises to tailor to different interests, lengths of time and numerous languages. It will be interesting to see if it achieves its goals.

Below is a sample of the audio guide. Narrated through ‘expert commentaries’ by curators

I quite like the style of this clip. The language and the content is quite accessible in the easy language that it uses. Also, this is also quite a good introduction to how the Egyptians viewed death and the afterlife. My favourite part? The part where his heart wasn’t ‘faulty’ (the pronunciation is amazing).

If you’re near London, go and check it out. Let me know in the comments whether you enjoyed it or thought it was interesting. It’s definitely something I want to go and try!

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