What is a HMD?

First off, what does HMD stand for? Well, it stands for Head Mounted Display. The most common form of this is probably Google Glass, however, HMDs in heritage are currently much more bulky.

This is a short video about a project called ARCHAEOGUIDE. It’s a bit of a cheesy video, but it’s only about a minute long. What it does show, with it’s early 2000s graphics, is the potential that HMD and augmented reality has within archaeology. It’s not perfect and it’s a little bit clunky round the edges, but imagine its potential in the future.

With Google Glass just entering the market, it’s possible that soon the technology will become cheap enough, and portable enough, in order to be used within the heritage sector. I think this has the potential to be pretty cool.

For all those who haven’t heard or seen Google Glass (I know I didn’t really know anything about it other than a name until recently), then check out this video.

Currently, HMDs including Google Glass aren’t very practical. However, that being said, it does provide a real alternative in the future to holding up a phone or tablet to effectively do the same thing. Just think, one day the past could literally have an active role in the present.

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